About the Book

The objective of this important literary work titled “The Essence of Peru and Humankind” is to rescue, conserve, revalue and spread the use of more than 6000 Medicinal Plants as well as the Ancestral Andean Spirituality. Millenary knowledge and wisdom passed down from generation to generation, as part of the Peruvian traditions, identity and living culture.
This book is a tool for physical, mind, energy, and spiritual healing. These benefits are achieved through Inka Energetic Cuisine, Medicinal Plants and Diverse Ancestral Healing Techniques, described in a simple way that anyone can understand and put into practice in these difficult times humanity is going through globally.
It shows us in depth the divine and cosmic essence of the human being, helping us to awake consciousness and evolve for the preservation of the human race and the Pachamama. 

You will get to know ceremonial temples, energetic and magic Inka sites. These are important touristic resources, with a great potential and of great value for the country.
Due to its characteristic, the book “The Essence of Peru and Humankind” becomes the appropriate means for the promotion and spread of tourism nation and worldwide.

We Are Divine Magical Beings